New Media Artist, Toolmaker

current happenings

Magmart, video under volcano!, Casorina Contemporary Art Museum, May 24, 2019, Casorina, Naples, Italy. (screening)


Spaesamento Digitale, Ragusa Foto Festival, Palazzo Cosentini, July 26–28, Histoical Center of Ragusa, Sicily, Italy. (group)


Fractured Habitats, AC Gallery, 798 Arts District, May 25–June 25, 2019, Beijing, China. (group)


The Psychedelic and Trans-personal Film and Music Festival, May 17–19, New York City, NY. (screening)


Streetlight, Roman Susan Gallery, May 7–24, Chicago, IL. (screening)


Front Yard, Electronic Arts Alliance, Burchfield Penny Art Center,May 10–June 15, Buffalo, NY. (screening)

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