New Media Artist, Toolmaker


Magmart, video under volcano!, Casorina Contemporary Art Museum, May 24, 2019, Casorina, Naples, Italy. (screening)


Spaesamento Digitale, Ragusa Foto Festival, Palazzo Cosentini, July 26–28, Histoical Center of Ragusa, Sicily, Italy. (group)


Fractured Habitats, AC Gallery, 798 Arts District, May 25–June 25, 2019, Beijing, China.(group)


The Psychedelic and Trans-personal Film and Music Festival, May 17–19, New York City, NY. (screening)


Streetlight, Roman Susan Gallery, May 7–24, Chicago, IL. (screening)


Front Yard, Electronic Arts Alliance, Burchfield Penny Art Center,May 10–June 15, Buffalo, NY. (screening)


Off the Screen!, 57th Ann Arbor Film Festival, Space 2435, University of Michigan, March 26–31, Ann Arbor, MI. (group)


Vibrant Digit, 1905 Cultural and Creative Park, Oct 7–8, 2018, Shenyang, China. (Group)


Entangled Ecologies, Electronic Art Gallery, Colorado State University Fort Collins, Oct 22–Nov 14, 2018, Fort Collins, CO. (Solo)


Agentive Valley, Conversation Series, Eric Souther & Katie Duffy, South Bend Museum of Art, March 31–June 24, 2018, South Bend, IN. (Two-person exhibition)


The Model of the World, Museum of Art, Sept. 29 – Nov. 15, 2017, Zhangzhou, China. (group)


数字之诗意 (Poetic of Digit), 1905 Cultural and Creative Park, Oct. 7–Nov. 15, 2017, Shenyang, China. (group + performance)

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Responsive Aesthetics: Remediating Digital to Analog Television Converters as Artist Tools, co-authored with Laura McGough & Jason Bernagozzi, Journal of Artistic Research (Peer Reviewed), 2018


Signals: OSC for OSC, Software Development, 2017, Owego, NY.


Interview with URBANAUTICA, by Steve Bisson, March 12, 2015.


Wall Street International, Works by Signal Culture Artists in Residence, Sept. 2014.


ARTnews, "Board Expression: Going Wild with Wood", by Meredith Mendelsohn, ARTnews March, 2013.


MAD exhibition catalog "Against the Grain: Wood In Contemporary Art, Craft and Design", by Lowery Sims, Oct., 2013.


Project: The New Silk Road: Objects of the Digital Age, Faculty Research Grant, 2018, IU South Bend, South Bend, IN.


Juried Award, Time-Based Category, ArtPrize 8, 2016, Grand Rapids, MI.


Project: Search Engine Vision "ISIS", ArtPrize 2016 Artist Seed Grant, presented by the Frey Foundation, Grand Rapids, MI.


Project: Search Engine Vision "ISIS", Foundation for the Arts Emergency Grants, New York, NY.